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As a token of our appreciation. Once we reach 10k Followers in Facebook or Instagram,

we will pick 10 followers from each of the Social Media Accounts and Our Winners will receive a special package full of free Items from us.| |


Become an Instagram Influencer


  1. Take a picture of your Zratos Anchor Bracelet (With or Without Watch | Other Bracelets) and post it on your Instagram page.
  2. Tag our page ZRATOS and use #ZRATOS on your post
  3. Another option is to just send a photo with your Anchor Bracelet at or message us your photo using messenger for your chance to be tagged and featured at our page.


  1. Only photos that are focused on the Anchor Bracelets are allowed. The face should not be included on the picture, only wrist pictures are considered.
  2. The Background of the Anchor Bracelet photo should be blurred, depict a great location or have a clean minimalistic backdrop.
  3. The picture should be in high quality and clear.
  4. Picture effects/Presets are allowed