How to Wear, Style & Adjust Anchor Bracelets

How to Wear, Style & Adjust Anchor Bracelets

How to Wear, Style & Adjust Anchor Bracelets

The straightforward rule when you tie your anchor bracelet is to let the anchor rest in your wrist while you are holding the loop.  Wrap it into your wrist 2-3 times and tuck the loop in the hook of the anchor.  In case you want to tighten it or loosen it, simply move the knot (the other end of the leather strap) in a proper direction.  The knot will conveniently move in both directions that will help you fine tune your bracelet until it perfectly fits your wrist.

There are also different ways to put on bracelet.  Some of the most popular ways to wear them include:

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  • Solo –  The best way to wear the Anchor Bracelet is to place it on your preferred wrist without any accessory accompanied with it. This gives the user a minimalistic look without looking too much with accessories.

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  • Wearing It with A Watch – You may also wear the bracelet alongside your Watch or on your other wrist which is also a popular way of styling nowadays and definitely improves one’s style.

  • Wearing it with the Other Bracelet – In case you want to be stylish, you can wear your anchor bracelet with other metal or beaded bracelet.


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