Now in the Philippines | Men’s Luxury Anchor Bracelets

Now in the Philippines | Best Men’s Anchor Bracelets

The much awaited brand Zratos is now in the Philippines. As of this day, Filipinos can finally shop online for luxury products Zratos currently has in store for us. One of the first products to be showcased by Zratos are the Anchor Bracelets.

Zratos released its basic colorway following the launching of the Online store.

Silver Anchor and Brown Leather Bracelet
Zratos Silver Nautical Anchor Brown Leather

The colorways introduced first to the market are the Gold Anchor and Black Leather Bracelet, the Silver Anchor And Black Leather Bracelet and the Silver Anchor and Brown Leather Bracelet. Today, Anchor Bracelets are trending worldwide.

Popular global competitors such as Miansai, Paul Hewitt, Kiel James Patrick and many more also showcase Anchor Bracelets.

Zratos is one of the few companies in Asia to reveal and sell Men’s Luxury Accessories such as Anchor Bracelets and to follow, Beadead Bracelets, Leather Bracelets and Metal Bracelets.

the first batch of Anchor Bracelets would target Men. Eventually the following set of products would be available for both men and women.

Leather is a huge factor when making Zratos leather products and Anchor Bracelets. Showcasing different hides of Leather, from top of the class grain Leather bracelets to Full-grain Leather bracelets.


Gold Anchor Black Leather Bracelet
Zratos Gold Nautical Anchor

On their next collection, Zratos would also bring to the table Men’s other fashion accessories such as luxury rings and necklaces.

Philippines would have to wait a little longer for the following collection to be introduced to the market as it is still in the process of design and production.

As of the moment we can truly enjoy their first products which is the Anchor bracelet also known as Nautical bracelet. Now in the Philippines | Best Men’s Anchor Bracelets